Breast cancer is a disease that not only affects the person fighting it, but all family members. In order to help ease the financial burden for children who have either lost a parent to breast cancer or whose parent is a survivor, many organizations offer FREE money for college in the form of scholarships.

Requirements vary and some are need based. Here are a few to check out:

  • Inheritance of Hope awards a $1,000 scholarship to a college-bound high school senior who is living with a terminally ill parent. Click Here
  • United Cancer Survivors of America offers a $1,000 scholarship to a high school senior whose parent fought the battle of cancer during the student’s four years of high school and is still alive. The parent is also awarded $1,000. Click Here
  • Life Lessons Scholarship Program offers several scholarships, including a grand prize of $10,000, to college-bound high school seniors and college students who submit essays or videos about how the death of a parent impacted their lives. Click Here
  • The Komen College Scholarship Foundation helps students who would find attending college to be a significant financial burden due to the loss of a parent to breast cancer. It also helps young women who face their own breast cancer diagnosis at age 25 or younger go to college. The award is $10,000 a year for up to four years to attend a state university where they reside. Click Here
  • Cancer for College: Are you a breast cancer survivor going to college in California? Cancer for College, founded by cancer survivor Craig Pollard, offers scholarships to any cancer survivor who is enrolled in an accredited college. Since it is a California-based charity, California applicants and applicants attending California colleges have first consideration for some scholarships. Click Here, or call 760-599-5096
  • Nancy Jaynes Memorial Scholarship Award: This scholarship, in honor of Nancy Jaynes, founder of the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust, gives up to $1,500 for college or post-secondary technical schooling to an Indiana high school senior  whose parent is currently battling breast cancer or who has lost a parent to the disease. There is a mid-February deadline. Click Here, or call 866-724-2228