Here are some FREE resources for survivors who live in California:


  • Free 3D Nipple Tattoos: Tattoo artist Sasha Merritt of Dragonfly Ink Tattoo Studio in San Francisco, is offering for the month of October, FREE areola restoration and 3D nipple tattoos to breast cancer survivors. This is an alternative to surgically creating a nipple for women who’ve had reconstructive breast surgery after a mastectomy. The 3D tattoo process uses pigment and shading techniques to recreate the areola and nipple, giving the illusion that it’s still there.  Merritt plans to offer this FREE every October. Please note: Services are limited and by appointment only.  Click Here, or call 415-550-1445
  • The Turning Heads Project will arrange for a FREE photo shoot for those undergoing chemotherapy, complete with professional makeup and styling, to enhance self-image, boost confidence and change perceptions towards baldness. Afterwards, models are given a FREE hardbound book of the photos to commemorate their day as a Turning Heads supermodel and a gallery of photos is posted online for family and friends. Currently Turning Heads is only located in Southern California. Click Here