Lymphedema Sleeves

Some breast cancer patients may get lymphedema, painful arm swelling that can result from lymph node removal.

Here are some FREE products that can help:

  • Lymphedema Compression Sleeves: The All4One Lymphedema Fund will provide one sleeve FREE of charge to low income women who have had breast cancer. Click Here or call 508-630-2242.
  • Lymphedema Alertband: Breast cancer patients/survivors with lymphedema, or at risk to develop it, need to avoid having injections, blood draws, IV insertion and blood pressure readings on the affected arm. Wearing a brightly colored band can alert medical professionals about this condition, especially when a patient is sedated or under anesthesia and cannot speak up for themselves. Peninsula Medical will send a FREE Alertband to any patient with or at risk of developing lymphedema. Click Here
  • Lymphedema Compression Garments: BiaCare, manufacturers of lymphedema compression garments, created the BiaCare Gives Back program to provide FREE or reduced rate products to qualified individuals. To see whether you qualify, Click Here