Head Gear

If you’ve lost your hair while undergoing chemotherapy, you will probably start a new collection of hats, scarves and other head coverings to keep the drafts away.

A Hug for Your Head

Here are some ways to get them for FREE:

  • Scarves or Head Wraps: If you are experiencing a loss or thinning of your hair as a result of chemo, Good Wishes will send you a beautiful and FREE “It’s a Wrap©” or “Good Wishes Scarf” in the pattern and color of your choice. Click Here, or call 888-778-5998
  • Hats: Heavenly Hats was started by 10-year-old Anthony D. Leanna to provide FREE brand-new hats for cancer patients who lose their hair “to help the patients feel better about themselves and to give them the extra courage and hope to win their fight.”  The hats are just a small symbol of hope and love, but, he says, “my wish is that it will have the power to brighten the patient’s day so that they can look to the future with a smile.”  You can request one from a variety of choices including lightweight spring hats, wool ones, beanies and baseball caps. Click Here, or call 920-434-4151 ext. 1400

Good to Know

  • Great Clips: If you anticipate losing your hair to chemo, get a short cut or buzz in advance. With more than 4,000 salons across the USA, Great Clips will give a FREE haircut to anyone in treatment for cancer under its Clips of Kindness program. Don’t wait for your hair to fall out in clumps! Click Here