Special Interest Groups

Breast cancer survivors often find it helpful to connect with others who share similar concerns or backgrounds.

Here are organizations that offer FREE hotlines, message boards, resources and support based on special interests, conditions or circumstances:

  • Jewish
    • Sharsheret: Your Jewish Community Facing Breast Cancer: Click Here
  • Triple Negative
    • Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation: Click Here
  • High Risk: For women who have a BRCA gene mutation or a family history of cancer and a high risk for breast and/or ovarian cancer
    • FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered:  Click Here, or call 866-288-RISK
    • Bright Pink (for women ages 18-45): Click Here
  • Mother Whose Daughter has Breast Cancer
    • Mothers Supporting Daughters with Breast Cancer:  Email msdbc@verizon.net for a mother’s handbook complete with resources and tips to help moms support their daughters.  There’s also a daughter’s booklet with suggestions on how to maintain good communication with your mom. Click Here, or call 410-778-1982.
  • Male Caregivers
    • Men Against Breast Cancer:  Men are often the husbands, fathers, brothers and sons of breast cancer survivors, with their own questions, issues and need for support.  Men Against Breast Cancer offers support services to educate and empower men to be effective caregivers when breast cancer strikes a female loved one. Click Here, or call 866-547-MABC
  • Pregnant with Cancer
    • Hope for Two: Click Here, or call 800-743-4471 
  • Breast-Free:  Considering or choosing not to do reconstruction