The cost of post-mastectomy products can be overwhelming and not always covered by insurance.

Packaging and Product Innovations

This can help:

  • Nordstrom Prosthesis Program: This program is offered FREE in the lingerie department of 116 full line Nordstrom stores in 29 states.  There, certified prosthesis fitters are specially trained to fit women for any type of intimate apparel following a mastectomy, lumpectomy or other reconstructive surgery.  They will also sew pockets for breast forms into regular bras, camisoles and swimwear you’ve purchased at the store, FREE of charge.  The stores also sell mastectomy bras, Amoena attachable breast forms, post-mastectomy camisoles and enhancers/equalizers for lumpectomies and reconstructive surgery.  Selection may vary by store, so call for information or an appointment with a fitter.  They will also help file Medicare prosthesis claims and are a participating provider for selected insurance companies. Click Here to find a store near you that offers this service. (Nordstrom Rack stores do not have this service.)

Knitted Knockers Logo

  • Knitted Knockers: Knitted Knocker Charities, Inc.,  is an Arizona-based non-profit with groups of volunteers across the USA who knit and crochet prosthetic breast forms for mastectomy patients. When placed in a bra, these hand-made “Knitted Knockers” take the shape and feel of a real breast and are lighter and more comfortable than the silicone ones. There are also several groups in different countries that supply Knitted Knockers around the world. To get more information or request a FREE pair of Knitted Knockers, email your name, address and cup size to Or Click Here for FREE patterns to make your own.

Good to Know

  • All4OneBreast Form Fund: The fund will help pay for prosthetics and other post-mastectomy garments for women with financial need. Click Here
  • Breast Reconstruction Planner: Breast Reconstruction Awareness Campaign offers a FREE planner to help you manage a speedy recovery. Filled with information on how to prepare, recover, what you need to know and much more. Click Here to download.